With Speech4Excel you can use your voice to enter data into an Excel sheet.

Whatever you say is recognized, translated into text or a number and put into the current cell.

You only need a Windows PC, a microsphone and Speech4Excel.

Speech4Excel has a full feature set which makes it usable for even the most complex data input scenarios:

  • Configurable navigation to easily move to the input cells without manual cursor movement

  • Predefined commands available in English, French, German, for example to save or move the cursor

  • Use any of the installed languages for dictation

  • Excel formulas can calculate additional cells in parallel to your input

  • A free version is available to test speech recognition. Recognition is the same but features are limited

Please find more information on the Speech4Excel website (->).

The video shows how Speech4Excel cacn be configured to adapt it for a Use Case.

The video shows a weighing use case implementation with Speech4Excel compared to the standard process.

Download it directly from the Microsoft store