SignalsNotebookInventory Mobile is a prototype that is using the API of the electronic lab journal Signals Notebook made by inventory of PerkinElmer Informatics. It demonstrates how inventory tasks can be supported in an easy way.

A lot of inventories degrade over time because the users do not have access to convenient solutions to do the necessary data house keeping. Bottles are put in wrong places or just left outside the inventory. Therefore the big search for bottles does not end even with a electronic logistcs solution in place.

Signals Notebook Inventory Mobile addresses the following topics:

  • Get an overview of all the locations in the Inventory

  • A workflow to check-in and check-out barcoded containers

  • Get information for a container

  • Show how actions for multiple containers can be called. For example to print barcodes for more than one container 

The prototype contains demo data so you can check the functions without access to your own inventory.
But if you have the necessary information you can also connect to the API of your system.

The program is not maintained but the demo mode will work.

If you do not have access to the Microsoft store you can request a demo program by email.

The video demonstrates the functions of the prototype 

Download it directly from Microsoft store

Download it directly from Google Play store