Visualizer for Withings Data is a utility to analyze data from Withings Smartwatches. Export the data from your Withigns account and open the zip file with this app and you have easy and fast access to all the data that you ever recorded with your watch.

With this app, you can view the heartbeat data and ECGs you recorded with your Withings smartwatch in full detail. And you can export these graphs as a png file or save the data in csv format. The exported ECG data is prepared for analysis with other tools (for example with the Python package pyHRV).


Recorded GPX tracks can be visualized on a map and saved as png or exported as a GPX file. You can document your tracks without a link to a Strava account.


The data for the app is taken from the export you can start in your Withings account. Download the zip file with the data and open the zip file in the app. The zip file contains all the data ever recorded for your Withings account and all the data can be viewed in the app.

Download it directly from Microsoft store