Heart Rate Visualizer is a utility to analyze data from Withings Smartwatches. It is a simple One-Page App. It is available for Windows.

The challenge is to handle the amount of exported data efficiently, becaue the export from Withigns contains all data that is ever recorded.

With Heart Rate Visualizer you can explore the heartbeat data that you tracked with your Withings Smartwatch in all details.


Export and download the data from your Withings account and open this Zip file in the app.

The Zip file contains all data that is ever recorded for your Withings account.


Select one day with recordings and you will see the heartbeats of this day in a chart. This chart is zoomable, so you see every detail of the recorded heartbeats.


You can export the chart as a file in png format so that you can easily share it.

But you can also export the data for your analyzes. The exported data format is easier to use than the Withings original csv file.

Download it directly from Microsoft store