Health Data Diary is the first app I developed using the .NET MAUI framework. It is available on Android and Windows in their respective stores.

For voice input, the services of the respective platforms are used. Besides the standard framework and the community toolkit, I use tools from Syncfusion for the presentation.

When designing the app, the focus was especially on users who have little computer experience and are not familiar with manual data entry. Because of the adjustable size of the display texts, the app is also helpful for people who can't see well.

Enter your vital signs by voice in the app. You can record the following health data:


- Blood pressure

- Pulse

- Sugar

- Temperature

- Weight


Just say "My blood pressure was 120 over 80 now" and confirm the following question with "Yes" and the blood pressure value is saved. Alternatively, you can also let the app guide you through the entry with questions. This is then like talking to a doctor. Of course, you can also enter the data manually.


The values are stored in the app and can be displayed as a graph or list. You can share the data or copy it to the clipboard.

Please find more information on the Health Data Diary website (->).

Download it directly from Google Play Store

Download it directly from Microsoft store