Darts is an Android and Windows App for one of my hobbies.
It started as my first step into Android development am few years ago. But I keep maintaining it to stay up to date in this area. 
With the last update I moved from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI as the framework for this app.

Darts contains support for these games:

  • 301, 501 and 701 for up to 4 players

  • Elimination, a Sorry! game, for up to 6 players. This is the best game for your party!

  • 7 different training modes to improve the precision of your throws

  • Statistics for games and training

  • It is available with ads for free on Android. On Windows the first 14 days are free. The full functionality is available with an In-App purchase. 

Download it directly from Google Play Store

Download it directly from Microsoft store