If you like to play 501 or 301 darts with your friends, this app is just the right thing to count.

Fun at parties is guaranteed with the game Elimination, a Sorry! game for darts players.

Up to 4 players can play 301 or 501 against each other and use the app to quickly and easily track the score.

Of course, you can decide whether to play Double Out and define how many winning sets and legs you would like to play. If it is possible to finish the leg the darts to be thrown are displayed.

All games are saved so that you can see later how a game ended and what the stats for the players was.

Up to 8 players can play Elimination against each other. The goal is to reach 301 or 501 points before another player reaches the same score, thus resetting you back to 0.

And for those who just want to improve their darts skills the app offers four different training modes.

The statistics are also saved for trainings so that you can see if you are hit rate improves.

You do not need an account at some online service. All featureds are available locally.